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GDB/MI executing a python command

Hi, I have a GDB/MI front-end and would like to execute a GDB Python
extension command. This command will then in turn issue a number of
gdb.execute commands itself (for reasons to do with storing state, it is
potentially easier this way than issuing multiple MI commands). I expected
that when I run gdb.execute with "to_string=True" that all the output would
be captured. But this is not the case - lots of stuff gets output on the MI
channel. For instance doing a stepi I get:

~"0x00007ff54501f1f5 in ?? ()\n"

this is in addition to the captured gdb.execute reply.

Is there a way to disable this additional MI output whilst my command is
running? Or maybe a better way of doing this?




David Griffiths, Senior Software Engineer

Undo <> | Resolve even the most challenging software defects
with software flight recorder technology

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