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Re: looking for gdb's help

Normally, your description is right and i think the "thread 1" while using gdb is from these information. But in some case this thread ID is the "main thread", not the real point.

------------------ Original ------------------
From: "Jan Kratochvil"<>;
Date: Wed, May 15, 2019 10:28 PM
To: "XXX"<>;
Cc: "gdb"<>;
Subject: Re: looking for gdb's help

On Tue, 14 May 2019 09:26:56 +0200, XXX wrote:
> i have a question about gdb debugging. while a signal cause a core dump, how
> can i get which thread cause the signal.

$ eu-readelf corefile # eu-readelf is from elfutils package
  Owner          Data size  Type
  CORE                 336  PRSTATUS
    info.si_signo: 11, info.si_code: 0, info.si_errno: 0, cursig: 11
    sigpend: <>
    sighold: <>
    pid: 2700200, ppid: 2700198, pgrp: 2700198, sid: 2652754
         ^^^^^^^ = crashed thread TID
  CORE                 136  PRPSINFO
    state: 2, sname: D, zomb: 0, nice: 0, flag: 0x0000000040404404
    uid: 1001, gid: 1001, pid: 2700199, ppid: 2700198, pgrp: 2700198
                               ^^^^^^^ = crashed process PID


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