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Viewing the address of an array in gdb

I have define "char buffer[100]" in a C code. Trying to view the location of buffer in GDB, I see this

(gdb) p &buffer[0]
$1 = 0x7ffff7dd43e0 <buffer> ""
(gdb) x/30x 0x7ffff7dd43e0
0x7ffff7dd43e0 <buffer>:    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000
0x7ffff7dd43f0 <buffer+16>:    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000
0x7ffff7dd4400 <_dl_open_hook>:    0x00000000    0x00000000    0xffb51dd2    0xa7d1a586
0x7ffff7dd4410 <__vdso_getcpu>:    0xf5b51dd2    0xa7d1a586    0xffffdf28    0x00007fff
0x7ffff7dd4420 <__libc_argc>:    0x00000002    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000
0x7ffff7dd4430 <__gconv_alias_db>:    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000
0x7ffff7dd4440 <__gconv_modules_db>:    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000    0x00000000
0x7ffff7dd4450 <__gconv_path_envvar>:    0x00000000    0x00000000
(gdb) p &buffer[99]
$2 = 0x7ffff7dd4443 <__gconv_modules_db+3> ""

Why I don't see <buffer+32> and similar things?


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