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Re: How to show instructions in one record

On Tue, 06 Sep 2016 17:43:06 +0200, 慕冬亮 wrote:
> I just want all the instructions which have already executed in one
> execution path. Take the following demo as example,

One can do some:
	while 1
	x/i $pc

> What I need is the instruction list:
> 203             movq     %r9, 16(%rdi)
> 203             movq     %r9, 16(%rdi)
> 202             movq     %r8,  8(%rdi)
> 201             movq    %rax,   (%rdi)
> 199             movq    24(%rsi), %r10
> 198             movq    16(%rsi), %r9
> ......
> If there are loops, I need all the instructions in the loop.
> I don't know whether process record/replay could achieve this goal.

But I think in thise case you should follow Markus Metzger's advice as the
output from 'record instruction-history' may be more appropriate for your

Besides building GDB yourself you can use also Fedora 23 (and better Fedora
24) GDB which does have libipt support.

Be aware with btrace you cannot investigate any data or registers during the
recorded execution.

TBH I see this "display all recorded history" common request from GDB users
but IMO more effective approach is to place there watchpoints, breakpoints and
even breakpoint-attached command lists to catch the interesting moment during
execution.  The recorded history is huge and so one needs to filter it somehow
automatically afterwards anyway which the watchpoints solve on their own
already during execution.  Sure it may not be applicable for your case.


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