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Re: lm32 simulator configuration file question

On 04/03/2015 06:21 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
On 03 Apr 2015 15:21, Joel Sherrill wrote:
On 4/2/2015 8:41 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
On 02 Apr 2015 17:19, Joel Sherrill wrote:
RTEMS has a BSP for the lm32 which runs on the simulator in gdb.
Based on our wrapper scripts and READMEs, this is how the simulator
is invoked in gdb:

tar sim --hw-device lm32cpu \
   --hw-device "lm32uart/reg 0x80006000 0x100" \
   --hw-device "/lm32uart>  int int0 /lm32cpu" \
   --hw-device "lm32timer/reg 0x80002000 0x80" \
   --hw-device "/lm32timer>  int int1 /lm32cpu" \
   --memory-region 0x08000000,0x4000000
you can pass --hw-file to target sim too
Thank you. I updated the file to this:

/lm32uart@0x80006000/reg 0x80006000 0x100
/lm32uart>  int int0 /lm32cpu
/lm32timer@0x80002000/reg 0x80002000 0x80
/lm32timer>  int int1 /lm32cpu

And that works with gdb using the tar sim command below.

tar sim --hw-file lm32_evr.conf --memory-region  0x08000000,0x4000000

But nothing comes out from the same executable using run

lm32-rtems4.11-run --hw-file lm32_evr.conf --memory-region
0x08000000,0x4000000 .hello.exe

Does that make any sense to you?
honestly, i know nothing about the lm32 arch.  it has no testsuite, and i have
no idea how to make example programs.  so i can't really explain why it might
not be working.  with Blackfin, i use a leading slash on everything and it
works for me.

sigh.. no testsuite. :(

Just to be clear, the simulator works when I invoke it inside
gdb. Just not via run. I am guessing some glue isn't right.
could i convince you to write a simple hello world program ?  first one that'd
run in the virtual environment, and the one that'd setup&  write to the serial
port ?  that way we could check the .s files into the testsuite dir, and i could
try poking around the models.

I will build an lm32-elf toolset and throw that together. I am travelling
next week so it may be slow to happen since I am no expert at lm32
assembly language. But a hello world shouldn't be a problem.
if the latest version isn't working, you could try grabbing previous releases of
gdb and building the sim for that.
I tried a couple of older gdb's I had laying around. They behaved the
same. Not sure how far I would have to go back.

-- Joel Sherrill
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