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Re: ChangeLogs in commit messages

On Thu, Aug 14 2014, Gary Benson wrote:

> Mike Frysinger wrote:
>> On Thu 14 Aug 2014 09:32:31 Gary Benson wrote:
>> > What are people's preferences here?  My preference is #1, but I
>> > could live with #3.  If we come to some kind of concensus on this
>> > I'll update the wiki to reflect this.
>> (4) -- none of the above.  the ChangeLog files contain the same
>> data, so the commit messages should contain useful details.
>> i.e. the same content you used when you posted to the mailing list.
> Do you mean #4 (changelog entries with no path/author-date) or are you
> proposing new option #5 (no changelog in the commit message at all)?
> #5 would suit me too.

Since Mike obviously meant #5, I tend to agree.  At least as long as we
keep ChangeLog files in git, rather than extracting them with some
automatism from the git commit messages, e.g., as suggested here:

Let's assume we consistently do #5, so no ChangeLog entries in the
commit messages, but just in the ChangeLog files.  Then, to see them
again in a "git log", we can still do something like this:

  git log -U0 gdb/ChangeLog --since='1 week ago'

On the other hand, it's more difficult to *suppress* the existing
ChangeLogs in a "git log".

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