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ChangeLogs in commit messages

Hi all,

I recently added an extra section to the contributions checklist on
the wiki documenting the conversation on commit messages from when
we switched to git:

Andreas pointed out that different people are including the ChangeLog
entries in different ways,

  1. With paths and with the date-and-author header:

    2014-07-30  Gary Benson  <>

            * btrace.c: Include defs.h.
            * common/ptid.c: Include defs.h or server.h as appropriate.
            * nat/mips-linux-watch.c: Likewise.

  2. With date-and-author headers but no paths:

    2014-08-04  Tom Tromey  <>
            * gdb.base/sss-bp-on-user-bp-2.exp: Match "to_resume", not

  3. With paths but no date-and-author headers:

            * amd64-windows-tdep.c (amd64_windows_frame_decode_insns):
              Add debug trace.

  4. With no preamble at all:

            * chew.c (print_stack_level, main): Cast result of pointer
            difference to match format string.

What are people's preferences here?  My preference is #1, but I could
live with #3.  If we come to some kind of concensus on this I'll
update the wiki to reflect this.



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