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Using gdb to debug FIQ on arm9 (imx233), and running into "Cannot find bounds of current function"


I'm trying to debug my FIQ handler that my driver has initialized, but
after breaking into the first instruction in the FIQ, I'm stuck.

I'm using GDB 7.5.1, that I compiled with help of buildroot. I'm
running openocd 0.6.1 to connect to my ARM-USB-TINY-H debugger +
imx233-SJTAG converter (the board doesn't have pins for parallel
If I debug other c-functions in the driver, the debugger seems to
perform as expected, so I'm thinking my setup should be ok.

To debug the FIQ, I set the breakpoint to 0xFFFF001C, this is the
address, where the fiq handler code I register is copied, when I call
set_fiq_handler ( ) in my
Now I continue executing the code, and initiate the condition to
trigger the FIQ, the gdb properly breaks:
Breakpoint 1, 0xffff001c in ?? ()
(gdb) display/i $pc
1: x/i $pc
=> 0xffff001c: mov r11, #1
That is properly the first instruction in the FIQ. If I type command
"layout asm", I can also see the rest of the instructions as expected.

But, now I'm stuck, I can't step or next. If I try:
(gdb) step
Cannot find bounds of current function
(gdb) next
Cannot find bounds of current function

If I try "stepi", the whole thing just locks up, and I can't do
anything anymore on that session.. I can't seem to move past this
after this, and not sure what to try next..
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong ?


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