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Re: Will therefore GDB utilize C++ or not?

On Fri, 14 Dec 2012 12:03:24 +0100, Matt Rice wrote:
> unfortunately I'm still trying to muster up motivation for this,

Please tell if you somehow suspend / stop the work.  I have now the fun of
377kB bitpos patch to maintain off-trunk until -Wc++-compat gets done.
So I have more than enough motivation for -Wc++-compat.

> I'll post a repository on gitorious when I do manage to get started
> since I don't want to litter the archer repo with a ton of branches.

I find myself sourceware archer.git a perfect place for it; in fact it has
very many dead branches, it is only important to track the live ones at

> this really was the only place that had changes going beyond mundane.
> and since ada is his territory I just went with his patch,

Such patches may be fine but please keep them on a separate add-on branch to
make the review of the main -Wc++-compat patch easy/possible.

> I'd rather not do that if it means someone later wants to go back and
> deupdate all of the macro callers.

>From my point of view one should just keep the current macro magic as is.
As - clarifying as unrelated to -Wc++-compat - hopefully in the future GDB may
switch to C++ and it all can be / gets normally (re)implemented in C++ there.


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