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Re: Python API iterate through the arguments of a frame

>>>>> "Cristian" == Cristian Zamfir <> writes:

Cristian> I would like to write a Python script that iterates through the
Cristian> arguments of a frame. I was hoping I can retrieve these arguments from
Cristian> a Frame object, but I did not find a way to do this, unless I know the
Cristian> name of the variables. Similarly, I would like to iterate through all
Cristian> the locals of the frame.

Cristian> Is this possible with the current Python API? If not, can you please
Cristian> point me to where I could add additional functions to the Python API?

You can find the locals and arguments via Frame.block.

I see that gdb.Block is under-documented in this area.  Sorry about
that, I will write a patch.

Here's a quick example:

(top-gdb) start
Temporary breakpoint 3, main (argc=
During symbol reading, incomplete CFI data; unspecified registers (e.g., rax) at 0x488914.
1, argv=0x7fffffffe558) at ../../archer/gdb/gdb.c:26
(top-gdb) python
>for sym in gdb.newest_frame().block():
>  print sym

In order to find all the locals in scope, and the arguments, you may
have to iterate upwards over blocks via Block.superblock.  The block
with a non-None 'function' attribute will hold the arguments.


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