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GDB-7.3 load error

Hi All,

  I am a newbie to GDB. I am using GDB-7.3 version to debug my target.

  I am facing a strange problem and don't know how to solve it.

  GDB is working fine when I use it with command line but when I use
the same with eclipse for debugging it is throwing a error "Unexpected
error while launching program: Error downloading program to target:
Target is not responding (timed out)"

 I have enabled verbose mode and found GDB was failing when it is
executing load command.

126-target-download hello_world_0/Debug/hello_world_0.elf

  My configure script to build GDB is as below

   $GDB_SRC_DIR/configure                          \
       --target=$TARGET                        \
       --prefix=$RELDIR                        \
       --program-prefix=$PROG_PREFIX           \
               > $BLDDIR/log/gdb-config.log 2>&1

  To resolve this error should I have to add any more configure more options??

   Can anyone please help me in solving the issue. Due to some
reasons I cannot tell the target name.


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