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Re: Extending GDB to provide console over telnet

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011 13:58:11 +0200, Grigory Tolstolytkin wrote:
> The idea is to provide users an ability to remotely connect to gdb
> and perform usual debugging interaction while it is already started
> in Eclipse environment via MI interface.

Not sure if you are aware eclipse already provides a window with CLI
interface to running GDB, via MI (also visible in an Eclipse window):
	-interpreter-exec console "the-CLI-command-you-entered"

> This allows starting debug locally in Eclipse with connected target
> hardware, for example, and then pass debugging control to a remote
> user at some point.

One can also start gdbserver (even locally):
	gdbserver --multi :10000

And use both Eclipse and GDB to attach/detach to that gdbserver using `target
extended-remote' while the inferior is still being debugged:
	(gdb) target extended-remote localhost:10000
	(gdb) set remote exec-file /home/jkratoch/workspace/entryval2/Debug/entryval2
	(gdb) b main
	(gdb) run
	(gdb) set remote kill-packet off
	(gdb) quit

I was able now to attach with Eclipse to a process started using GDB first but
Eclipse killed it during "Detach" but that may be just some Eclipse
configuration setting, I do not know Eclipse much.


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