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command-list does not work in my gdb 7.2 port

Hi, everyone.

I am making a gdb 7.2 port recently for a prototype architecture,
which is a remote debug target in my case. The port is almost done to
achieve my purposes, say:

1. Connecting to remote target and loading program image work well.
2. Control on the debugged program is OK.
3. Inserting/deleting breakpoints OK.
4. and so as some other basic facilities.

But when I tried using gdb command "commands" to specify a command
list after I set a breakpoint, I found this did not work at all. Here
follows a rough example:

(gdb) break main
(gdb) commands
>shell echo test-commands
(gdb) run

In this example, the command list is composed of only one command
"shell echo test-commands". "test-commands" is expected to be output
when the breakpoint is hit, but it does not happen. I tried replacing
"shell echo test-commands" with other similar commands, it still did
not work. but "shell echo" does work well when it is not used in a
command list defined by "commands".

I am not able to find any clue for this situation. Still worse, I can
not provide sufficient information to gdb experts for analysis.

I am hoping that someone who has ever met this problem before can help
me with his/her invaluable suggestions.

Thank you and best regards.

Yang Yong-Yong

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