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Re: Displaced stepping not always working as expected

On 09/21/2011 06:23 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 September 2011 07:08:43, Yao Qi wrote:
>> The line of log looks strange to me.  Why LWP 763 switch to itself?
> This is non-stop mode, and fetch_inferior_event always prints the
> "context switch":
>   if (non_stop
>       && ecs->ws.kind != TARGET_WAITKIND_IGNORE
>       && ecs->ws.kind != TARGET_WAITKIND_EXITED
>       && ecs->ws.kind != TARGET_WAITKIND_SIGNALLED)
>     /* In non-stop mode, each thread is handled individually.  Switch
>        early, so the global state is set correctly for this
>        thread.  */
>     context_switch (ecs->ptid);

I don't quite understand this piece of code and the comments here, but I
think that debug log "context switch from Thread A to Thread A" is not
useful, if not confusing.  How about this patch?

Yao (éå) 

	* infrun.c (context_switch): Print debug message when switching to
	a different thread.

diff --git a/gdb/infrun.c b/gdb/infrun.c
index 9a2de5c..225034c 100644
--- a/gdb/infrun.c
+++ b/gdb/infrun.c
@@ -2852,7 +2852,7 @@ nullify_last_target_wait_ptid (void)
 static void
 context_switch (ptid_t ptid)
-  if (debug_infrun)
+  if (debug_infrun && !ptid_equal (ptid, inferior_ptid))
       fprintf_unfiltered (gdb_stdlog, "infrun: Switching context from %s ",
 			  target_pid_to_str (inferior_ptid));

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