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Re: gdb 7.2 with m68k-stub as remote target

João Silva wrote:
Hello all,
sorry to bother you all with an old target m68k, but I need some help or maybe I can help and do the changes myself but I need to know where.
I've built a m68008 minimum system and I connected through a serial line (RS232), built the cross-tools (gas,ld,gcc) and libraries. Finally, from the GDB sources, I've built the m68k-stub.
So that you (maintainers) know the m68k-stub suffers from some bit rot, the assembly format is no longer supported and multi line assembly has also changed (but it is doable).
My gdb was configured with:
./configure --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --target=m68k-elf --prefix=/opt/m68k
Currently I have few problems/issues:
1. The trap inserted by gdb is not TRAP 1 as it is implicitly defined in the stub (by catching the relevant exception and reporting Signal 5 - Breakpoint) but TRAP #F. I found a piece of code (m68k-tdep.c:60) that could explain it but I found not way to define BPT_VECTOR, it should be possible to change it during configure (how?). Also there's a reference to in gdb internals to BPT_VECTOR and REMOTE_BPT_VECTOR (defaulting to 1, which would be correct) but the latter has been removed from any source file.
2. I have two types of breakpoints (TRAP #0) for program breakpoints (in the source) and GDB inserted breakpoint (TRAP #F). When my program encounters a program breakpoint, control is returned and when execution is continued, control is passed to the instruction following the TRAP. When I continue after a GDB inserted breakpoint, control was passed to the instruction following the trap, which is an error (PC should be rolled back). I solved it in the stub, by rolling back if it was a GDB inserted breakpoint, but shouldn't it be possible to do this in GDB? (I can do it manually with $pc-=2 and no intervention from the stub).
3. My final problem is "continue" after a GDB inserted breakpoint. When the program hits the inserted breakpoint, changes the TRAP #F opcode for what was there (correct), but I continue, before giving control back to my program the instruction is changed back to TRAP #F, since I rolled back the PC, I hit the same breakpoint without the program to continue. I think that what should happen is first a single step (to skip the breakpoint place), re-insert breakpoint and continue.(from gdb internals page 67, gdbarch_skip_permanent_breakpoint). I'm currently solving this by manually doing it.
Sorry for the long description, if nobody works on these old targets please just give me a note and I'll silently get out of you way.

m68k support is certainly not dead. We have people contributing actively to an m68k-linux port for gdb.

That old stub, however, is another issue. The last meaningful work on the file was submitted well over 10 years ago. We don't do a lot of work with stubs any more, we tend to use gdbserver. But that's more suitable for an embedded linux, not a bare metal system.

There are several people who might chime in to help you with that architecture (I'm not one of them). If they do, and you get the stub to working, perhaps you'll submit your updates back to us.

Otherwise, you might want to look at gdbserver for m68k-linux.
If nothing else, it might contain some hints for you.

Good luck,

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