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Re: time to be serious about dropping CVS

On Tue, 21 Dec 2010, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> >I looked through CVSROOT/modules a little.  I think it would be good if
> >we could split some of the modules off into their own repositories.
> >However, I don't know what in there is active or even what projects
> >would not mind being split off.
> As I've said before, I'd welcome splitting Cygwin into its own
> repository and I would be interested in helping on the sourceware side.

And I think that gdb+binutils (that is, the files and directories you get 
by checking out that module) should be split into its own repository - 
keep those two together, leave other projects to transition or not in 
their own time and their own way.  (The toplevel configure already 
supports --disable-<directory> generically, so with a combined source tree 
you can already use --disable-gdb --disable-sim --disable-readline to 
build binutils only, or --disable-binutils --disable-gas --disable-gprof 
--disable-ld --disable-gold to build GDB only - though simpler aliases 
might be useful.)

Joseph S. Myers

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