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Re: gdb with python support still get crash on showing uninitialized local variables

On 2010-12-14 23:00, Tom Tromey wrote:
I don't know of any problem offhand.  I do builds from the git mirror
regularly without problems, but of course I'm on a different host.

All I can suggest is to debug it.

If I had this problem I might start by comparing the snapshot and git
source trees.  Though, TBH, I'd be surprised to find anything weird

Next I would try to understand why exactly the build failed in
libiberty, and track down the problem.

Hi, Tom, Here are the good news.

With the great help of Codeblocks' forum user "xunxun1982"
(;u=12871), and several days testing and struggling. Now, the problem was totally solved.

In-fact, the problem is that the MSYS configure program can NOT correctly handling the Windows CR LF newline. When I use the MSYS Git to check out the git gdb working copy, all the source in the gdb working copy was encoded by CRLF format. and this cause many weird building errors. (since the snapshot of gdb source use LF format, so I can successfully build them).

Here are the steps to solve the problem:

1, open the file:
and change the line
autocrlf = true
autocrlf = false

this can stop the git to change the style from LF to CRLF.

2, get the gdb git copy again (now, all the source was in UNIX LF style)

3, configure and make to build the gdb.

Now, everything works fine!!! I have successfully build the gdb from the git source under MSYS and MinGW 4.5.2. Wonderful!!!


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