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Re: How do I patch my binary

On 11/25/10 6:42 AM, Jonas Maebe wrote:

On 25 Nov 2010, at 15:16, Marc Khouzam wrote:

Here is the XCode doc about Fix and Continue which explains it nicely for a user:

Note that in the mean time that functionality has been deprecated by Apple, and may even have already been completely removed from the latest Xcode releases. It also never worked that well (hence the deprecation, I guess).

One of the critical aspects to making it work was that all references were dynamic and indirected, so that everything could end up in different locations after the fix and yet still be found when you resumed execution. But that meant special compiler flags, and more differences between "development" and "production" code. (I note the contemporaneous discussion about compiler options for Linux.)

In the generic Linux/ELF/ABI etc context, I think it's going to be even harder to make it work reliably enough for users to trust. Certainly it was disappointing at Apple, to have put forth the coordinated effort and then not seen much uptake.


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