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Re: Using telnet to control a running GDB

On Sunday, November 28, 2010 13:27:56 Marc Khouzam wrote:
> I saw a neat feature in another debugger that I thought would be nice for
> GDB.
> The user could ask GDB to open a tcp port which would accept a telnet
> connection. Using telnet, the user could then start a _second_ shell to
> the same GDB and control it.
> This would help a user get a full-fledge GDB command shell, even when GDB
> is being run by a frontend.
> It would also allow the remote controlling of a running GDB.  Could be
> useful for troubleshooting.
> Such a feature wouldn't already exist, would it?

your description is a bit vague as to what you want this to do exactly.  my 
understanding of gdb is that it isnt designed for multiple control threads.  
plus, it'd be a bit confusing for one gdb controlling a process and to have 
two different interfaces attempting to change the execution flow.

ive seen gdb monitors that accepted telnet sessions as well as gdb connections 
simultaneously, but the telnet sessions were more for maintenance than actual 
gdb type behavior.  in other words, you had a dedicated device running a 
dedicated monitor that controlled some other processor (e.g. a BDI or PEEDI 

it'd help if you described with more details and actual examples.

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