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Re: Fwd: Porting GDB to new architecture

On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 15:43 +0100, Dalibor Kovacevic wrote:

> I'm porting gdb 7.2 to a new architecture and I need a few tips to get
> me started. I have read all about porting gdb that google search found
> on that subject. The HOW TO from Jeremy Bennett helped me allot to
> understand what I need to do. But before the start of porting I was
> wondering could someone help me choose the starting template from
> already ported architectures. Mine is a combination of DSP
> and a microcontroller, binutils are already ported so i have BFD, it
> will be debugged via stub.

Hi Dalibor,

Glad you found the HOWTO useful. I need to update it for GDB 7.x. In
particular the frame handling has changed, so the functions use THIS
frame as the handle, rather than the NEXT frame. The function names have
changed accordingly.

I took my examples from the OpenRISC 1000, which is a MIPS like RISC
architecture. It's not part of the official GDB distribution (yet!), but
you can find the source code at,gnu_toolchain

Because I used it in the HOWTO, the code is commented rather more
verbosely than other ports, so you may find it a useful example to look
at. There is a 7.2 version, which will help you with the new function



Tel:      +44 (1590) 610184
Cell:     +44 (7970) 676050
SkypeID: jeremybennett

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