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Re: gdbserver delayed packet event issue

On Thursday 11 November 2010 05:52:17, karthikeyan.s wrote:
> Hi,
> I am seeing an issue with the gdb remote debugging, this is gdb 7.1.50
> version. I have marked the erroneous states with line --> below.
> gdbserver sometimes gets a delayed event for the packet
> QStartNoAckMode sent from the host. In the case pasted below gdbserver
> gets two events clubbed together when the client has sent the second
> "QStartNoAckMode" packet after its timeout. At this stage, gdbserver
> ends up sending two "$OK" while the client is expecting only one and
> the state gets messed up between client and server.
> 1) It seems that the client does not handle issues with the network.
> Instead it assumes the packet is lost on a timeout.
> 2) Why doesn't gdbserver get an event on the first request itself. I
> used writeshark on the client side to confirm the packet is being
> sent. And tcpdump on the remote side to see that the packet does come
> in at the target.

"7.1.50" is quite vague.  All snapshots from the 7.1 release up to
the 7.2 release were named like that.  There should be a date
after the "50".  Which is it?  There was a similar problem fixed
around April/March 2010.

You could also try switching to 7.2 or a later snapshot and
confirm the problem is gone.

Pedro Alves

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