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Adding language support to gdb

Hallo everybody,
I'm pretty new to the development on GDB and haven't found any developers group so i think this is the best place to ask some questions.
As I'm new to this i'm sorry if i'm asking stupid questions, i hope you can excuse it.
Now my problem:
We have developt a kind of software PLC which is working with a dilacet of IEC61131 ST (
The ST code is read by a compiler which generates c++ code. This c++ code than is compiled with the gcc to binaries.
My job is it to build a Source level debugger for the ST code. Debugging the c++ code is no problem and the ST code can be "debugged" with printfs, but now we won't to have source level debugging...
As we are using the gcc my first thought was, that we could use GDB to do that. So i have read the GDB Internals document about adding languages, but as you might know, this topic is handled in just 2 pages.
My question now are if you think this is possible at all and if yes if somebody knows a better documentation for that or has other hinds for me.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from germany!

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