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Re: GDBServer debugging (EMAC Board & coldfire M5282)

Maybe you can try command "set sysroot dirname" or "solib-search-path"
to make gdb find the right lib in your host.

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 20:46, <> wrote:
> Hallo Everyone,
> I'm tring to use gdb/gdbserver to debug my embedded system, but i got some problem.
> First of all I give you details of my develeping system:
>  EMAC SoM100ES Carrier-Board +
>  EMAC SoM-5282M Module Board Based on FreeScale Coldfire MCF5282
>  uClinux 2.6.17-uc1
>        with "gdbserver(old)" enabled
>  uClinux ToolChain 4.1.1
>  GDB 6.8
>        downloaded form
>        copiled and istalled with "m68k-elf" options
>  Latest installable Codesourcery ToolChain
>        To have an alternative version of GDB and GDBServer
>        (coz lot of people advice to use it, so i tried it)
>  --> My program is embedded into uClinux package, so when uClinux is compiled my program is compiled too (with same configuration of other application)
> About my problem...
> Using: gdbserver of uClinux and original GDB 6.8
> I start GDB on my host:
>     $ m68k-elf-gdb myfile.gdb
>     (gdb)
> Then, on target, I start GDBSERVER
>     # gdbserver myfile
>       process myfile created; pid=55
>       code at 0xa00040 - 0xa5d60, data at 0xa0c004
> Back on Host:
>     (gdb) target remote
>        Remote debugging using
>        Warning: Target reported unsupported offsets: Text=a00040; Data=a062e4; Bss=a062e4;
>        0x00d93f30 in ?? ()
>     (gdb)
> 1) First (partialy solved) problem is about the "warning on offset" previously reported; I didn't find a satisfy solution, I have just got around:
>  I start gdb without any file and then I use "add-symbol-file" command with address shown by gdbserver (in this case 0xa00040)
> 2) Second one is about MANUAL HARD BREAK (aka CTRL-C): after using "continue" command the program starts execution, but i can't stop it with CTRL-C;
> It doesn't care my first key-press, and if i press it again GDB replies with "Interrupt while waiting for the program give up? (y or n)"
> Why does it reply me in this way?
> 3) Third problem is about breakpoint: I can easily set breakpoint of my program, but it doesn't work correctly at all
> After getting connection by "gdbserver&target remote" i set a breakpoint on subroutine "wait" and I send "continue" command
>       (gdb) b wait
>       breakpoint 1 at 0xa00086: file alberto.c, line 11
>       (gdb) c
>       Continuing
> The execution starts and when it reaches the breakpoint it replies in this way:
>       Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
>       0x00a00088 in wait () at alberto.c:11
>       11              printf("aspetto\n");
>       (gdb)
> Watching this reply i can undesrtand there is something wrong, it seems a MANUAL BREAK instead of a brekpoint stop; in fact if i send continue it says:
>       Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
>       0x00a00088 in wait () at alberto.c:11
>       11              printf("aspetto\n");
> If i try to continue again it replies the same adding also "The program no longer exists"
> On the target i can see:
>       Child terminated with signal = 4
>       Child terminated with signal = 0x4
>       GDBserver exiting
> This happend for every funtion of my program
> 4) Backtrace
> If i use "where" command it always replies with "Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC"
> 5) CodeSourcery version
> As lot of people adviced, I tried CodeSourcery version but it works even worse.
> I copied gdbserver of CodeSourcery into target by tftp and execute...
> NB: First problem, previously reported, happend also in CodeSourcery Version (CodeSourcery "gdbserver" doesn't show the adress but i can find it on /proc/maps)
> If i try to execute continue host replies with "remote connection closed" and target replies with "Connection closed by foreign host".
> I don't understand why it does it in this way!!
> Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
> Alberto

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