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Re: "coding: utf-8" emacs local variable in ChangeLog (?)

> Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 00:56:28 +0100 (CET)
> From: Mark Kettenis <>
> CC:,,
> > > I can see why Ludovic wants to have his name spelled properly, but
> > > he should realize it'll look like "Ludovic Court?\203?is" to many
> > > people.
> > 
> > Not if they use Emacs.
> What do you think I'm using?  Ok, that's in emacs running in screen
> running in an xterm, and those question marks are really some funny
> looking character that I wouldn't know how to type.

"C-u C-x =" will spell what is that character, and there's
latin1-disp.el that can display quite a few of these characters even
on a text terminal.

> But even if I look at the 2007 ChangeLog with emacs running as an X
> application Ludo's last name shows up with that funny capital A with
> a tiled and " after it.  I'm fairly sure that's not right.

That's _exactly_ the reason to add the `coding' cookie: you were
looking at what happens when Emacs tries to interpret a utf-8 encoded
text as if it were Latin-1 (or maybe Latin-9) encoded.  Now, after the
cookie was added, I see Ludo's name displayed correctly.

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