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Re: Working on the x86_64-windows native port...

Hi Joel,

> [ChrisF, I noticed you prefer if we don't Cc you in addition to reaching
> through the mailing-list. I work a little differently, so hopefully
> you'll see this message]
> Hello everyone,
> Just a quick message to say that I started looking at porting GDB to
> x86_64-windows. Currently, if I use a 32bit compiler and configure
> GDB as a i686-pc-mingw32, I get a fine debugger.

This is really good. I begun with a port of gdb (now about a half a year 
ago). If you like I can provide you my work on it. On the other hand, if 
you need some support for the x86_64 mingw target in crt, gcc, or 
binutils, please let me know.

> [1]: Currently, config.guess (IIRC) doesn't like mingw64. For now,
>      I'll keep mingw32 as meaning either 32bit or 64bit. I'll probably
>      fix this too, but later.
The mingw64 should be an alias to x86_64-pc-mingw32, nothing more, nothing 
less. There were several discussion on that on gcc, and the conclusion was 
that the target triplet should be in future on gcc (i?86|x86_64)-pc-mingw.

Best regards,
 Kai Tietz

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