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Working on the x86_64-windows native port...

[ChrisF, I noticed you prefer if we don't Cc you in addition to reaching
through the mailing-list. I work a little differently, so hopefully
you'll see this message]

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to say that I started looking at porting GDB to
x86_64-windows. Currently, if I use a 32bit compiler and configure
GDB as a i686-pc-mingw32, I get a fine debugger.

Things get a little more interesting when I use a 64bit compiler
and configure GDB with x86_64-pc-mingw32 [1]. Basically, the root
of the issues I am seeing comes from the fact that win32-nat has
some ia32-specific code, in particular in terms of the registers
(see the CONTEXT structure for instance).

My intentions are to split off the 32bit-specific parts to
i386-windows-nat.c, and write the equivalent x86_64-windows-nat.c.
I hope that's OK with everyone (Chris?).


[1]: Currently, config.guess (IIRC) doesn't like mingw64. For now,
     I'll keep mingw32 as meaning either 32bit or 64bit. I'll probably
     fix this too, but later.

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