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Re: how much to regenerate

Michael Snyder wrote:
Joel Sherrill wrote:

I have a patch to sim/common/aclocal.m4 which
I need to commit after regenerating the proper

Do I just run autoconf in the common subdirectory
or is this included elsewhere? If so, what is the
proper procedure for regenerating everything?

Yes, run autoconf, preferably only in the directory affected. Make sure to use the same version of autoconf that was last used in that directory, which you can find by looking at "configure" (in this case, version 2.59), unless otherwise noted (eg. by a collective decision to go to a later version).

OK. Thanks. I was worried since this was in "common".
I ran autoconf 2.59 but since this was just quoting
configure did not actually change.

It is committed now.  Hopefully it did not break
anything but if it did, I am sure someone will
let me know. :)
See the example in sim/common/ChangeLog:

2008-07-11 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>

         * common.m4: Add test for libz and zlib.h.
         * configure: Regenerate to track ../common/common.m4 changes.
         * Ditto.

Thanks for asking!

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