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Re: multi-proc: info processes?

On Wednesday 12 November 2008 21:21:59, Michael Snyder wrote:
> Stan Shebs wrote:
> > Michael Snyder wrote:
> >> Hey Pedro,
> >>
> >> For your multi-process work, are you planning anything
> >> analogous to the "info threads" command, eg. "info processes"?
> > Look at "info inferiors". It's just the processes (or whatever) that are 
> > currently being controlled by GDB.
> >> What might that look like, in your model?  Would it list,
> >> say, just the processes that gdb is attached to?  Or would
> >> you want something analogous to "ps", that would list all
> >> of the processes that are available to be attached?
> > That would be somewhat ambitious, especially for a remote target - I 
> > think you'd need a new packet just to return the list of processes...
> Sure -- by analogy with qfThreadInfo/qsThreadInfo, it could
> be implemented as an iterator.

Yeah, there are many ways to implement that.  Both Vladimir and
I ended up doing that independently but similarly, by querying a new 
enum target_object and having the stub formatting the list of
processes as xml.  Vladimir has the ball on merging those
currently --- let's see what comes out, might even pop out something
totally different.  :-)

> I'm not sure how desireable it is, but it could save you
> from having to go over to the remote target and typing "ps"...
> By the way, what about remote attach?  Is that in the plan?

The extended remote protocol has had that for long now, in
the form of vAttach;pid.  What do you mean exactly?

Pedro Alves

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