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Is anybody implementing multiple address spaces?

I am investigating adding support for ARM OptimoDE Data Engines to gdb.
These are VLIW processors designed for signal processing and other similar
applications. Their architecture is totally different from ARM Architecture
processors.  Among their interesting features is that they have multiple,
independently addressed, memories; including, often, multiple data memories.
Looking through the archives it looks as if there have been various
discussions on supporting multiple address spaces, but I can't find any
patches to gdb that actually do this.
Is anybody already working on this? If so, how can I contribute to this
work, and test that it works with my target? If not; I would be interested
in hearing any advice people may have on adding this, both on the technical
details (e.g. should I turn CORE_ADDR into a structure, or would it be
better to carry the address space identifier around some other way?) and on
whether this would be of interest to other gdb developers.
- Anthony
Anthony Berent
Consultant Engineer
+44 1223 400763

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