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Re: using gdb to do embedded unit/regression testing

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 12:05 PM, EBo <> wrote:
> EBo <> said:
>> Michael Snyder <> said:
>> > EBo wrote:
>> >
>> > > The second issue will be cleaning up and formatting the output from the
>> > > automated unit/regression test suites.  For this I will want/need to
> suppress
>> > > almost all output from gdb, and use the print command above to deal with the
>> > > formatting.  If I end up using gdb to help do this type of eXtreme/Agile
>> > > program testing I would like to work with the gdb maintainers to have it
>> > > integrated upstream...
>> >
>> > I think you want dejagnu.
> I will look into dejagnu, but to follow in the original thought...
> If I provided a --batch-mostly-silent switch which suppressed output for all
> but the print, printf, and echo commands, would others find that useful?
> Actually I should also if someone already provides this functionality before I
> start trying to modify gdb ;-)

The new python support may/will provide the ability to redefine
existing commands.  One can then imagine writing a wrapper that for
the duration of the wrapper set stdout to /dev/null (figuratively
speaking), and inserted wrappers for a collection of commands (print,
printf, echo in your case) that for their duration set stdout ==
/dev/stdout (figuratively speaking).

It may require a bit more support from the python/gdb interface than
is currently there (e.g. ability to get/set the values of
gdb_{stdout,stderr,stdlog}) , but that will be the norm for awhile.

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