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RE: Tracepoint enhancements

> > I think that is a bad idea to assume there is only one time or one
> > count in the target. It could be a multicore target with lots of CPUs
> > around... so let the backend handle that in a symbolic way rather than
> > anything about what it means.
> Right, OK.  But it was a mental assumption rather than an
> implementation assumption.
> I think the idea we're both getting at is that a checkpoint
> represents a machine state.  If there are multiple machines,
> that complicates the picture -- but basically gdb is saying
> to the target "I want to be able to return to the state that
> you are in *right now*".

I think the "thing at the other end of the remote connection" is what gdb should
debug, long-term. And in a virtualized and simulated world, that can be quite a
few machines.  What might also become interesting is if people attach multiple
gdbs to a single simulation -- with Simics, we do that quite often to debug
software running on mixed networks of machines, and multiple programs on a
single machine.  

But support heterogeneous network debug feels like way beyond the scope of gdb.

Best regards,



Jakob Engblom, PhD, Technical Marketing Manager

Virtutech                   Direct: +46 8 690 07 47    
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