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Re: using gdb to do embedded unit/regression testing

Michael Snyder <> said:

> EBo wrote:
> You should check out src/gcc/testsuite.  The gcc testsuites on
> embedded targets are all set up to use gdb as an execution engine.

Thanks for the pointer.  It'll take me awhile to crawl through the testsuites
and absorb them...

> And you get to use dejagnu as your scripting language (lucky you).

The last time I took a serious look at dejagnu, which was YEARS ago, it seemed
so incomprehensible that I gave up.  I'll take another look into it.  Thanks
for the pointer.

> > malloc?...
> Yeah, we've all run into that.
> Use gdb "echo", rather than print.
> Doesn't help if you have variables, but for simple diagnostics it's ok.

That did the trick.  Thanks!

> > The second issue will be cleaning up and formatting the output from the
> > automated unit/regression test suites.  For this I will want/need to suppress
> > almost all output from gdb, and use the print command above to deal with the
> > formatting.  If I end up using gdb to help do this type of eXtreme/Agile
> > program testing I would like to work with the gdb maintainers to have it
> > integrated upstream...
> I think you want dejagnu.

Thanks, I'll start digging into it...

  EBo --

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