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Re: Tracepoint enhancements

Jakob Engblom wrote:
If by checkpoint you mean "some point inside the execution of a single
this is also a nice fit with simulators (and I presume VmWare as well, if we
its snapshotting ability for this). I think this is a very good idea that
very well with a smart remote target.
Yes, that's what I meant.  A "point in time" in the execution
history, something that could be represented eg. by a cycle count
or instruction count, rather than just by a PC.

I think that is a bad idea to assume there is only one time or one instruction
count in the target. It could be a multicore target with lots of CPUs running
around... so let the backend handle that in a symbolic way rather than assume
anything about what it means.

Right, OK. But it was a mental assumption rather than an implementation assumption.

I think the idea we're both getting at is that a checkpoint
represents a machine state.  If there are multiple machines,
that complicates the picture -- but basically gdb is saying
to the target "I want to be able to return to the state that
you are in *right now*".

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