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Re: "Cannot find new threads" on Fedora 9, but not on CentOS 5 (?)

Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
I'm going to be getting a bunch of spam, now, huh?

This wasn't the first message so quoted.

No, it was the first I noticed though.

I find gmail spam filtering to be extremely effective:
I only get about 1 spam/month through.

Thanks goodness for that--I haven't noticed any increase in my spam count since I posted theses messages. Hopefully it will stay that way.

One thing that may have changed is prelink addresses --
IIRC, Fedora runs prelink at 2 week intervals.
Okay, it must have been prelink.

Indeed. I did '/usr/sbin/prelink -ua', and now I can reproduce this on the thread-so test case (with 32-bit kernel).

Reproduces with current GDB CVS head...

The problem is a (now almost 3 year old) bug in glibc:
for which a patch has been available for 2 years, but came
from the "wrong" person :-(

Good. At least we know what the problem is (and there is a solution). In the mean-time, I have a temporary work-around.

Thanks again for the help!


Andrew L.

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