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Re: gdb supported on powerpc-apple-darwin ?


Robert Dewar wrote:
Stan Shebs wrote:
A concerted effort by one person (either inside or outside Apple) could probably get the two versions back in sync, but it's a heavy-duty hacking project that will likely take a number of months of fulltime effort.

Interestingly, for GNAT we face the issue of getting an Ada supported GDB working on x86 Mac's, and we have to decide whether to move all the
Ada stuff to the Apple version, or to tackle the merge.

Would 'tackle the merge' mean dedicate the needed programmer time? This would be a huge step for the community...

Still, I think it would be crucial that the apple developers are inter-
ested in the merge, too. It might be feasibly for outside developers to
participate in (or even do the major part of) the work, however maintaining
it in the long run is another story. Only if a common patch-base is
accepted, I would see succes in the long run. Having a separate Apple fork
is no problem so as long as someone will commit to back- and forth-propa-
gating changes between both projects.

Even better would of course be a single FSF gdb with full-featured darwin

What do others think?



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