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Re: [MI] enabling non-stop mode

Nick Roberts wrote:

>  > Probably, we can extend this to enable feature that are not MI proper,
>  > say:
>  > 
>  > (gdb) -list-features
>  >         ^done,features=[....,"non-stop",....]
>  > (gdb) -enable-feature non-stop
>  > ^done
>  > 
>  > The only issue here is that non-stop mode availability in general
>  > depends on the target, so maybe we should have a separate commands
>  > to list "target" feature and then enable target features?
> Why not just use -gdb-set?
> maint set linux-async   -->  set linux-async  -->  -gdb-set linux-async
> maint set non-stop      -->  set  non-stop    -->  -gdb-set non-stop

This will now allow the frontend to check if non-stop mode is supported at all.

> I thought the idea of -list-features was to give the frontend a simple means of
> finding out which MI commands a version of Gdb will accept.

Right; not all versions of GDB, and not with all targets, will support non-stop

> Why would a 
> frontend want to do "-disable-feature frozen-varobjs"?

It should not do that, that's why only some of the features will be documented
as user-togglable.

- Volodya

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