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RE: clearing call stack when a new binary file is loaded

I am using a cross compiled version of GDB for MIPS architecture
(mipsel-linux-gdb) compiled using cross tools. It is based on GNU GDB
version 6.6


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Sent: 23 April 2008 11:52
Subject: Re: clearing call stack when a new binary file is loaded

Jiju George T wrote:

> Hi,
> We are developing a graphical embedded debugger based on GDB mi interface.
> UI part is based on Eclipse CDT and it communicates with GDB through mi
> interface. We are facing a problem with call stacks after a new binary is
> loaded to GDB. Our UI relays on the call stack information provided by GDB
> to show the debug context.
> Steps to reproduce the issues:
>   1) Start GDB and connect to remote GDB server which is connected to an
> embedded target. The embedded target is waiting at PC 0xBFC00000
>   2) Now load an ELF file to GDB with entry point as 0xA0000000
>   3) Now GDB shows $pc register value as 0xA0000000. But the call stack
> still shows frames with 0xBFC00000
> Is this GDB behaviour by design? Is there any mi interface to clear the
> stack frame and update to the current $pc value?

Which version of GDB?

- Volodya

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