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On Sat, 2008-04-05 at 20:55 +0400, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Joel Brobecker wrote:
> >> can somebody explain the difference between XFAILing and KFAILing a
> >> test in the GDB testsuite? I've looked at DejaGNU manual, I haven't
> >> found the answer.
> > 
> > KFAIL is when we know of a failure caused by a bug in GDB.
> > 
> > XFAIL is when a problem outside of GDB's control is causing the test
> > to fail. For instance, a kernel issue, or some wrong debugging info
> > generated by the compiler, etc.
> Hmm, it appears that at least MI testsuite routinely uses XFAIL for what is
> a GDB issue/limitation.

Hey, you're welcome to judiciously update them!   ;-)

> Is the distinction really useful? Both seem to be a mechanism to "hide"
> failures that are known to be immediately fixeable, and exact description
> of the problem belongs to a comment, anyway.

We added KFAIL because the distinction seemed to be useful.
It tells us that this is something we ought to fix some day, 
as opposed to something we have little or no control over.

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