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I am Drazell Benben chairman of Foreign Payment Department,I have been mandated to inform you about the recent development as in your payment, this mornning after our board meeting your case was mention and we have agreed to pay you Without any further delay so I would required you to desist from any partner Who may have been requesting for your information's or asking you to pay fee's before the Transfer can take place.

I would like you to employ transparency and honesty in this regard because aiding and abetting will only keep your payment pending so I will like you  to confirm the following to avoid any mistake or wrong Transfer. The total fund  is US$3.5 million (three Point Five Million United State Dollars) The Requested Information is to ensure that no mistake or error is made and it should be forwarded In the manner stated below:

Your Full Name: _____

Your Complete Address: _____

Name of City of Residence: ___

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year): ____

Direct Telephone Number: _____

Mobile Number: _____

Fax Number: ______

Regards .

Mr Drazell Benben


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