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Re: info addr foo [where foo is a static global in multiple files]

On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 12:52 -0700, Doug Evans wrote:
> If I want to find the addresses of all variables named foo, it seems
> like there should be an easy way to do this.  "info addr foo" will
> only print one.  There's also the issue that if I only want one it may
> not print the one I want.  Should it print all of them?
> The user could study the output of "info var foo" and do things like
> "p/x &'file.c'::foo" for each variable, but that seems a bit clumsy
> (and doesn't work if the files all happen to have the same name).
> [As a workaround, the user could do "maint print symbols", but I
> wonder if "info addr" should change.]

Hmmm... good question.

By the same token, the mirror image of "info addr" is 
"info symbol".  It takes an address, and finds a symbol
that matches.  In some corner cases, there might be more
than one symbol at the same address, but I assume info
symbol will only show the first one found.  Maybe that
should be addressed too (no pun intended).

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