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Re: Anyone using git to track the GDB CVS?

Joel Brobecker wrote:

> Hello,
> I am looking a bit closer at git, and I was wondering if anyone is
> already using git to track the gdb CVS repository, and do their
> GDB work there. Right now, I use a manual procedure that involves
> both some CVS and SVN work, and it's a real pain... I think git
> can do better, but I'm stuck at the initial importing phase.
> I realize this is a bit off-topic for this list, but I think I have
> seen some messages saying that some of us use git.  If you have
> some suggestions, send them to me in private, and I will post
> a summary later.

I personally use git to keep my local GDB work, I've just imported
CVS tip, and then go "cvs up + git commit" from time to time. It works
relatively well (*).

As for full CVS->git conversion, I've tried then GDB's repo size
and my ISP conspired to make it not happen. I've rsynced GDB repo now, 
and plan to try again some time.

- Volodya

(*) The most important properties of git for me (i)
ability to revise a patch in a middle of a series and (ii) ability
to format all patches as emails and put it on IMAP server. I have not
the slightest clue if the distributed features proper are of any

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