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Re: GDB startup session with Eclipse

Thanks for your answer. Eclipse sends me the ? command and then it waits and
a message "Target selection failed" pops up and "target not responding
(timeout)" in the details of the error.

Before that, Eclispe just sends a '03' character. What does Eclipse waits ? 

Another question is about characters sent by eclipse like '2d' or '2b'. What
are their purpose ?


Daniel Jacobowitz-2 wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 07:30:04AM -0800, Guillaume MENANT wrote:
>> For now, I've implemented the qSupported command because I want the flash
>> support but qC, qOffsets and ? don't seems mandatory to me. I don't know
>> what is the Hc-1 command too.
> I think ? is mandatory, at least, I have no idea what will happen when
> you connect GDB if you don't support it.  GDB tries to figure out
> the state of the target when it connects.
> qOffsets and qC are not needed unless you want to support the things
> they describe:
> `qOffsets'
>      Get section offsets that the target used when relocating the
>      downloaded image.
> and
> `qC'
>      Return the current thread id.
> So if you are not relocating your target image, and you do not need
> thread support, you don't need these.
> There is currently no how-to chapter in the protocol documentation.
> That would be a nice addition.
> -- 
> Daniel Jacobowitz
> CodeSourcery

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