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Re: gdbserver 6.7.1 for mingw32ce connect to host gdb problem

Steve DeLaney wrote:

first I noticed that gdbserver needs a command line like this

gdbserver.exe \\path\\test.exe

without path to .exe it just exits with a usage message
this is due to the fact that wince doesn't define a default (current)
directory like '.'

1) gdbserver currently ignores host part in HOST:PORT, so you can just use '$GDBSERVER :$PORT $PATH'.

2) There is *no* notion of current directory on Windows CE.  On
   WinCE, every path *must* be absolute.  (There is an
   hardcoded $PATH, that looks of executables in \Windows and \ )

   Gdbserver allows you to use forward slashes too:
   gdbserver.exe :9999 /path/test.exe

   And skip the .exe extension:
   gdbserver.exe :9999 /path/test

Test over RNDIS and WLAN with the same results.  gdbserver times out after
about 8 seconds

I'm not sure what you're seeing. You should see something like this:

\> gdbserver :9999 main
Process main created; pid=-1226757750
Listening on port 9999

> I wondered about __MINGW32CE__ asserted in
the make CFLAGS

Can you be more specific? (__MINGW32CE__ is automatically defined by the mingw32ce compiler.)

any ideas what might be going on, or how best to trace this?

Looks like something is not 100% right in your tcp/ip connection. Can you ping the host from the device ? Is there any firewalling involved ? Can you start gdbserver listening on 9999, and telnet it (to remove gdb from the picture) with 'telnet $ip 9999' ?

Pedro Alves

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