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Re: protection from dangling pointers in dwarf info when .so's go away

Daniel Jacobowitz <drow at> writes:
> On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 12:16:36AM -0800, Doug Evans wrote:
>> What happens if TYPE_OBJFILE (type) != TYPE_OBJFILE
>> (TYPE_VPTR_BASETYPE (baseclass)) ?
> Precisely what you saw, but how does this happen?  The baseclass links
> should normally point through to other types in the same objfile.
> I'm guessing that there was inadequate debug info for a base class,
> leading GDB to do name resolution into a shared library with better
> debug info (probably because it defined the class's key method)?

If I remember right, the way we usually handle this is by leaving the
types from the main executable 'incomplete', as if it had just seen
'struct foo' but no definition for it.  When we need the full
definition of 'struct foo', we look it up by name, find it whereever
it happens to be available, and use it there.  So we do an extra name
lookup, because that allows the reference to break naturally when
objfiles are freed.

But there shouldn't be pointers between objfiles, for the reasons

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