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Re: C++ names in backtrace

I've downloaded & built a version of c++filt (version GNU c++filt (GNU Binutils)2.18 to be more precise).

When i run the c++filt program with my mangles names i get correct demangled names on the output:
Examples (the mandgled names used here can be found in my previous posts):

./binutils/cxxfilt _ZN7WSLCLAG21select_actuator_parmsEi

./binutils/cxxfilt _ZN7CxxTest14ErrorFormatter3runEv

./binutils/cxxfilt _ZN7WSLCLAG7destroyEv

So it seems that i can demangle the names from gdb backtrace using c++filt.
Does it mean/say anything to anybody?
How can i get demangled names in gdb?

Thanks in advance!

Wed, 5 Dec 2007 09:57:12 -0500, Paul Koning <>:

"Dima" == Dima S <> writes:

Dima> Sorry but i'm not familiar with "c++filt"... What is it and Dima> how can i feed my mangled names to it?

It's one of the GNU tools, like gcc.  You'll find it in the same

Feed it the names you want to demangle to its stdin, and they will
come out to stdout.


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