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Re: libSegFault and just in time debugging

> Oops, hit send too soon...
> Meant to say if you are automatically attaching to everything on the
> system, you have to be careful about auto-launched daemons, because
> they won't die all the way while waiting for the connection to the
> debugger, and that can cause them not to get restarted.  Not a problem
> in general with released systems, where hopefully the daemons aren't
> crashing all that often.  But with development systems it could cause
> a problem...

Right.  But there's considerable flexibility in, eg. at what point in your
boot scripts do you introduce the LD_PRELOAD variable or the
/etc/ file.  You could start your system daemons first,
for instance, and then they wouldn't get the preload library.  And the
env variable would only apply to children of a specific shell.  Could
even be turned on by a user, thus not affecting any root or other-user

Or, you could introduce the /etc file before boot, and get everything,
thus enabling you to debug crashing system daemons etc.

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