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Re: What's an annex? stratum?

Markus Deuling wrote:
Eli Zaretskii wrote:

That's not surprising: programmers don't like writing documentation as
much as they like writing code.  That is one reason why gdbint.texinfo
is in such poor shape.

In any case, if people here believe comments are a reasonable
substitute for documentation, perhaps I should from now on reject code
patches that do not explain themselves clearly, and do not contain
enough references to other related portions of GDB.

Maybe the process of getting a patch into mainline should be changed. Currently a patch without a proper Changelog has no chance. Maybe we should extend that and say a patch must have Changelog and one or two lines (or even moren) in documentation whenever reasonable.

It's a very important principle that stuff in the changelog is *not* a substitute for proper documentation in the source. That's a common
mistake (I catch it all the time in the GNAT sources, where all
checkins get reviewed by me with this in mind :-))

For example the guy that wrote the part for inferior function calls definitely wrote no doc :-)

For my opinion GDB's Internal Manual is very important and should be cultivated much more.

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