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Re: 'continue' command problem

Jim Ingham wrote:

> At Apple, we also added a "breakpoint-commands" output field to the
> "*stopped - breakpoint-hit" message.  Then we either tell it that the
> breakpoint commands are done running, or that they have restarted the
> target.  That way the UI can know to suspend putting up some UI
> (getting the current stack, etc) till it knows the target has stopped
> for sure...  After all, one very common use of breakpoint commands is
> on the fly logging, in which case you do want to display whatever the
> breakpoint command prints in your gdb console log window, but you
> don't want to do anything else.

Actually, the original bug report is not related to breakpoint commands.
Now, gdb does not emit "^running" on any CLI commands at all -- like
"continue", or "until". And when such commands are used inside gdb macro,
we're completely out of luck.

I'd imagine that "continue" used in breakpoint commands should also
emit "^running", but I'm not sure about this part.

- Volodya

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