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Re: DELAYED: GDB 6.7 branch creation scheduled June 25th

 > > You've not really answered my question but the prerogative is yours, of
 > > course.
 > Can you ask your question again? I probably didn't understand what
 > you were asking.

It's just the one that I left in the the message "So where's the gain in
branching early?" but perhaps Stan Shebs answered it.

 > > Once the branch is made, I might miss the announcement for the
 > > imminent release, so I would only ask that the bug I have reported:
 > As of now, the release is scheduled one month after branching.
 > >
 > > 
 > > is indeed fixed before the release.
 > You have to understand that this can not be guarantied by me.

You're the release manager so presumably you can insist on certain things
being done before a release is made.

 >                                                                I could
 > be underestimating the severity of the problem, but this issue hardly
 > seems blocking. 

It breaks existing use of Gdb in Emacs 22.1.

 >                  If you or anyone has a plan for fixing this issue
 > and promises to propose a patch within a reasonable timeframe (let's
 > say 2 weeks), then we can consider delaying the release a bit.

My plan would be just revert the change and I think Jan Kratochvil has agreed
with this.  AFAICS there's no reason why this would delay the release.

 > Otherwise, I think we should proceed, and just have this particular
 > issue documented as a known problem.

It's not just a bug but a regression.  I don't think breaking a feature
and then documenting it as a known problem is really an acceptable policy.


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