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Asynchronous Gdb [was Re: PATCH: PR tui/2173: Arrow keys no longer works in breakpoint command list]

 > > > I'm not sure how to fix it, either -
 > > > the patch you cited was very tricky to come up with already :-(
 > The whole reason why the patch was so tricky was giving up on using the
 > synchronous readline () call.  Replacing it with the other callbacked
 > possibilities is not going to be backward compatible as readline () behavior
 > is too complex.
 > Going to provide a libreadline patch #2 but unfortunately only later.

Does this mean that you're interested in getting gdb to work asynchronously?  I
have submitted a patch to go some way towards doing this
( and would like to
help with that work, but admit that I don't fully understand the issues.

The impression I get is that asynchronous operation of Gdb was a large project
that Red Hat (and possibly Apple) started but never finished.  I think Elena
Zannoni did much of the work and I realise it is unlikely that she will
continue with it.  However, it would be helpful if Red Hat could document the
underlying logic of these changes in the GDB Internals manual.


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